New Jersey State Fair
Sussex County Farm & Horse Show

History of the Fairgrounds

A Long History of Success!


The Sussex County Fairgrounds Complex has served as the home to a wide variety of year-round, cultural, farm-related, athletic, and entertainment events and has provided a venue for tourism for over 40 years. In recent years, The Fairgrounds Complex has attracted and increased the number of off-season events, bringing more and more visitors to Sussex County every year. This sought-after event venue has attracted many groups seeking powerful ways to integrate their brands with a fully engaged consumer. The large, well-maintained, park-like fields have been home to many cultural festivals including CrawFish Fest, Peter’s Valley Craft Fair and Champion of the Grill, Sussex County Horse Show, and the Farmers’ Market, focusing on the bounty of the Agricultural Community.


The Sussex County Horse Show is one of the country’s oldest, beginning in 1919. Originally, it was held at the Branchville Fairgrounds, but moved to the larger venue of Sussex County in 1976. Since 1999, the show has been part of the official New Jersey State Fair. The horse events have been officially recognized by the American Horse Shows Association in 1950, upholding high standards. “We are very honored to be among the historic shows chosen,” says Lisa Pellow-Stoner. The Sussex County Horse Show is the only show from New Jersey to be chosen, making this a very special selection.

The Fairgrounds is located on 165 acres with 15 permanent buildings in Augusta, NJ. It is conveniently located near major highways. Fifteen permanent buildings include six livestock barns, a 5,000 square foot mahogany and glass Conservatory, Greenhouse, and 10,000 square foot Walter Richards building. Our indoor and outdoor space is available for rent and for low-cost usage by non-profit organizations. The Fairgrounds has significant field parking and is accessible for people with disabilities. The grounds and several buildings are available for rental for a variety of events.



What we offer now:


  • Wide open spaces

  • Indoor and outdoor horse arenas

  • Carnival attractions

  • 4-H team representation

  • AG Learning Center

  • Beautiful mahogany Conservatory

  • Farmers Market

  • Spacious indoor and outdoor venues

  • Ample parking and handicap accessible features