A Fair To Remember


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The New Jersey State Fair®/Sussex County Farm & Horse Show is pleased to announce the release of Wayne T. McCabe’s latest book, ‘A Fair to Remember: The 75th Anniversary of the Farm and Horse Show.’

After 75 years of the NJ State Fair®/Sussex County Farm & Horse Show, there are many exciting memories to share! McCabe’s new book provides an inside view of The Fair, taking you on a trip back in time! The book begins way back at the first Sussex County Farm & Horse Show in 1940—but it doesn’t stop there! The book flashes back to provide a history of the Fair all the way back to the 1800s, and extends to the most recent Fairs. See just how much the Fair has grown with this amazing collection of photographs that will inspire nostalgia in any Fairgoer. The book is packed with pictures and information about Fairs old and new, giving you a firsthand look at some of the Fair’s greatest moments. Opening this book is like stepping into a time machine, giving you the chance to visit the Fair year after year with a simple turn of the page.

Wayne T. McCabe is an award-winning, New Jersey licensed Professional Planner and National Park Service qualified architectural historian with over 40 years of experience. Twenty-four years ago, he founded Historic Preservation Alternatives, LLC. McCabe had the first book in the “Penny A View” series published in 1991. Since then, this series has gained popularity and documented much of the history of Sussex County! McCabe spent thirteen years teaching at Drew University in the Historic Preservation Program. He is currently a partner in the consulting firm McCabe & McCabe, LLC, and serves as the consultant to three Historic Preservation Commissions. Additionally he serves as the current President of the Sussex County Historic Society and is the County Historian.

‘A Fair to Remember’ packs a lot of memories into 80 pages. The commemorative book not only details the history of The Fair and Sussex County, but also provides an easy place to revisit the fond memories of the beloved Sussex County Fair. Visiting The Fair is an annual tradition for many in Sussex County—as everyone knows, “you see everyone you ever knew at The Fair.” See them for years to come with this book and enjoy having all your memories in one professionally compiled collection.

The book will be available for purchase at various locations on July 15, 2015. Some of the places you can find ‘A Fair to Remember’ include the Sussex County Farm & Horse Show Administrative Building, Sparta Books, and Broad Street Books in Branchville.