Fair Tips


Visit The Fair like an expert!

The Fair is guaranteed to be fun, but you can make your experience even better if you know some helpful tips. These aren’t just for the seasoned Fairgoer; we hope everyone can benefit from these ideas!

Traffic.Traffic on the Fairgrounds and off is less during the week. If you have the option, come then.

Strollers.The paths and roads are paved, so strollers can move freely. Most of the tent floors are earth, and strollers require a little more attention when navigating.

Inclement Weather.The Fair has permanent buildings and tents, so inclement weather will not interfere with your fairgoing. The carnival rides continue in light drizzle, close for heavy rain and/or lightening.

Rest.There are benches scattered throughout the grounds. A wonderful rest spot is Founders Park, adjacent to the Horse Show Area. It has lots of shade and benches and you can watch exhibitors in the schooling ring.

LearnThe Agriculture Area is full of educational information. Take a rest stop on the bleachers in the Livestock Pavilion and listen to the judges explain what Best in Show looks like. Visit the Rare Heritage Breeds Educational Tent to see farm animals coming back from near extinction.

Animals.The animals are housed in pole barns—open on the sides. Fairgoers can get close to them in their pens. Refrain from putting your hands into the pens, as some animals are not as friendly as others. The people hanging out in the middle of the barns are the animals’ owners and handlers. Ask them which animals are approachable and any questions you may have about them.

Babies.There are baby changing tables in the restrooms.

Information.Information booths are located inside the main gates. Stop by and ask for a schedule. There is a map inside, and a day specific schedule on the cover.

Sneak Peek.The carnival doesn’t open until noon. If you are bringing children and you want them to see more of the Fair, come at 10 a.m. and you have two hours before the rides open.

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